Teaching yoga is my passion. It has personally helped me heal in so many ways – physically, mentally, and emotionally that I couldn’t imagine not sharing the gift that it is. I believe that throughout life almost everyone encounters some sort of challenge, stress, or trauma that ends up being stored in our bodies. Without a means to express, that incident may be stored in your body and manifest into something more problematic. I view the practice of yoga as a healing experience that allows us to work through those traumas and stresses through movement and breath. I strive for my classes to have a traditional feel, with a modern twist for an experience that helps you heal from the inside out and leave you feeling more connected to your body, your mind, and your soul.


Private classes for parties such as bachelor/bachelorette parties, reunion weekends, birthdays (kids or adults), or family events!


Private 1-on-1 client driven sessions to better understand the fundamentals of yoga.


With experience teaching in a corporate setting, I offer feel good stretches for the hardworking business professional. Event or contract based.

Let’s move together.

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