Corpse Pose

Corpse pose. Savasana. The ultimate surrender. The ultimate letting go, doing nothing, pure “be-ing”ness. The pose where we pretend to – well die.

Each time we come to the mat, we have this experience of breathing our bodies into different shapes, challenging our physical capabilities while attempting to keep ourselves calm, cool, and collected (attempting!!). The poses are like this metaphor that symbolizes all of the chaos and craziness that we experience in life, and trying to find presence and peace within it all. And then, when we’re open, exhausted, and receptive – we get to have this beautiful experience of just lying still. Lying flat, with our feet flopping out, palms facing up – open to receive. Surrendering.

And while the challenging poses are symbolic of the challenging situations we have throughout waking life, corpse pose is symbolic of when it comes time to leave our human experience that we call life on earth. Hence “corpse pose.” Symbolic of accepting our physical immortality. So when we come to this pose at the end of our practice and we’re just laying there, soaking in the work we’ve just done… are we practicing dying? Well.. kind of, yes. We’re practicing the eventual, complete “let go.” Eyes closed we can visualize what it would mean to never wake back up. Meditate with the idea that life up until that point was all we were going to get. And that doesn’t have to be such a grave and dark thing. In fact it can be a beautiful experience to meditate with death. To meditate with the finitude of life.

When you meditate with death, you really do start to appreciate life. You see the beauty and magic of life. You start to think about life as this one chance, one shot to do allll of the things your heart can dream of. You don’t get a “do-over.” When you “pretend to die”, you get to either be peaceful and content with the life your living and feel a sense of alignment, orrr you might feel something that more closely resembles distraction, fidgeting, or inability to relax/ “let go”. When it’s harder to relax in savasana, or meditation for that matter, you know there’s something inside of you that needs observation – but is being covered up by the ego, or numbed with external stimuli. The ability to relax and surrender into savasana has a direct correlation with how comfortable you are with with your life. Are you proud of yourself? Are you happy with the direction your life is going? Do you like… you? If savasana is a challenge and you find it hard to relax into, it’s more than likely a pose that you may need to spend more time practicing. More time in conscious relaxation. More time to uncover what silence is shouting at you to observe.

To truly surrender is the ultimate gift we can give ourselves. To no longer TRY or DO, but to have these couple of minutes where we just drop the muscle engagement, the lifting and holding, drop the mental control, and just bask in the healing moments of silence.  To let whatever needs to come up, come up and to let whatever needs to be healed, heal. It’s a practice to surrender and be open, but don’t worry, you have a whooollleeee lifetime to perfect it ;)… (before you lay down for corpse pose for the last time;) )


Happy “savasana-ing”

om shanti om peace,

Dani 🙂

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