Seed -> Reality

Thought -> written word -> reality. You think the idea, you write it down, then it becomes REALITY. That’s the way it’s been working out for me at least.

You know what feels really good?! Like really good? Creating something, for YOURSELF. Thinking of an idea – whether that’s an idea for an art piece, a fancy meal for yourself, or in my case recently – a kid’s book, and then actually creating it. It’s an accomplishment every single time you go through with an idea that you’ve thought of. And each time you do, you learn to TRUST yourself a little bit more. You find that you have created just a little bit more of your reality, giving yourself permission to dream a little bit bigger.

When you tell yourself that you’re going to do something no matter what, and then do it, you’re building trust with yourself. You’re building a relationship with yourself that you’re capable of whatever you set our mind too. Your intuitive mind, or higher self, or subconscious mind, starts to believe in yourself more each time that you prove to yourself that you can do something.

It may start small, like making your bed  (“If you wanna change the world, start by making your bed”), and from there you can start to take on bigger tasks, like making yourself a healthy breakfast, or writing an important email, or working towards that bigger project you’ve been thinking about. And over time, when you keep doing what you tell yourself you’re going to do (therefore creating a better relationship with yourself) your life might be entirely changed.

That’s definitely what’s proved to be true in my life. It’s taken time for sure, but I’ve dreamt of being a writer for awhile now. I thought about it. I wrote about it. I wanted it to be true. And there was really nothing holding me back from doing it, but myself. Myself and my fear of whether I’m “good.” They say “writer’s write.” Meaning if you want to be a writer… then just write. Don’t wait for approval of your friends. Don’t wait for approval of your family. Or the people who judge you from the sidelines. If you want to write, then just write. “Get in the arena!” as Brene Brown would say. So I told myself that. I kept waking up, making my bed, and I kept writing. Now, I’m about to have my first little kid’s book on Amazon, and have another book in the works as well. And it feels SOO GOOD! I created something! WOOOO! Seed ->reality.

It’s taking a seed that was planted many years ago, watering that seed, and watching it grow into an actual book! It feels crazy to have a physical, 3D, paper book in my hands that I know I created from the seeds in my mind. And while it may be a small feat for some, it’s a large feat for me 🙂 And from here, I have permission to keep dreaming BIGGER. To see what more I can create.

Keep planting seeds, for they will grow in time.


Dani 🙂

1 thought on “Seed -> Reality

  1. I can’t wait to buy your book!! You inspire ME, beautiful Dani!!

    Liked by 1 person

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