A Bird Sings…

There’s this poem that goes, “A bird does not sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song”, which considers the idea that we don’t really need to have a reason to do – well anything. This poem is freedom disguised in a pretty phrase. It’s a sequence of words stringed together that somehow give us permission to do whatever we want. I like this poem 🙂

In reality, is there really any reason that I write anything that I do? Or is it just because I can? I have a computer, a keyboard, working fingers and a (somewhat lol) creative mind that allows me to type whatever I want. I can write poems, lyrics, books, blogs, whatever comes out. Just because I can. Just because I’m free.

The best part about this poem is that – birds are always singing. When you walk into a forest, you can be sure to hear a bird singing – either close by, or off in the distance. There’s high pitched short and sweet bird calls, and sometimes, more rarely – a low pitched slower call. Sometimes their songs are mating calls or to communicate with the birds around them, but do you ever think that maybe sometimes birds are singing – just to sing? Because they want to sing? Because it feels good for them to sing? Because they have a pretty song, and a voice, and they’re unafraid to use it? I do. I think they sing just because they can. I think they just sit on little branches in big forests, singing just because they can.

I think it’s kind of the same thing for anything that I do. For practicing yoga, teaching yoga, for writing, painting, singing in the car, dancing in the freaking rain. Whatever. I think there doesn’t always have to be a reason why you do anything. Sometimes it’s nice to just do because you can.

Maybe all that life is about, is creating things that come from within us. Things like businesses, pictures, yoga sequences, songs, or maybe books. Maybe that’s the ultimate goal. And the more “you” you can put into that business, or art piece, or whatever, the more successful it will be. Because people subconsciously are attracted to things that come from the heart. And when you’re creating from within, it gives whatever you’re creating purpose. Because it’s part of your human experience to express your unique expression of the collective consciousness, or collective “oneness” if you will, out into the world. By you creating your part, your helping the universal consciousness experience itself.

So maybe by not having a “reason” to create things, you actually end up creating something that has purpose. The purpose to invoke possibility in others. To show that it doesn’t have to be so scary to create something from within, and it’s just fear that’s stopping you from showing the world your painting, singing in public, or starting that business. I think that when there’s not pressure to create things solely for money, you end up creating things with more purpose – which in turn might eventually lead to something lucrative. And the biggest perk is that you’ve enjoyed the process of creating.

Whether you’re a bird sitting on a little branch in a large forest, or a human on a little yoga mat in a large city, I hope you’re enjoying the process. Because that’s all we can really do anyways. Enjoy the process of creating, of expressing, of – living. 


Dani 🙂

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