Doing The Best You Can?

I’m doing the best I can… I think?

I recently listened to a podcast with Russell Brand and Brene Brown on “Vulnerability and Power.” They discussed the topic debating IF people are doing the best they can, in general. What do you think? In general, are people doing the best they can, day to day? At first, I didn’t know my answer. It could have gone either way. One part of me started to think, HELL NOOOO are people doing the best they can each day – people are lazy AF!! I know I have days where I think I could have been a better me. (But damnit, that brownie was worth it!!)

But the other part of me, probably the gentler, more empathetic side thought, well yeah, people probably are. Life is tough – to put it lightly. There are so many reasons throughout the day to feel tired and worn down, energetically or emotionally exhausted, and like you’re not 100% sure what to do next. Maybe people really are doing the best they can, with what they know to be true, based on their life experiences.

That last sentence is the most important part of the whole statement. “With what they know to be true, based on their life experiences.” I think we (we meaning me) tend to forget or overlook what people have done/learned/experienced in their life to bring them to their ideas of what is “right and wrong.” I have no idea what people have experienced in their life to bring them to their morals and values. I only know what I have experienced. And vice versa. People really don’t know why I am the way I am, because they haven’t experienced what I have. We all listen to different news each day, scroll through different social media feeds, have different jobs, read different books, listen to different songs or podcasts, and have different day to day routines. Each day is a chance for us to learn something new about the world, and what I have learned each day, is probably drastically different than the person next to me at this coffee shop. Kind of beautiful, right?

I have learned things like eating the right foods and maintaining a steady physical exercise, will result in energy throughout my days. But maybe the person struggling to keep their eyes open at work, hasn’t.

I have learned that meditating every day helps me to remain calm when I’m in traffic or waiting in line. But maybe the person with road rage has never learned the benefits of meditation.

I have learned that it’s never been about the end result of what I’m striving for, it’s been about the journey, and IF I’m enjoying my life day to day. But maybe the person striving for the finish line, or the next big pay check, has learned a different mindset, and they’re genuinely deep down happy with the pleasure rewards system. Who am I to say that there’s something wrong with that?

Bottom line is, everyone is walking their unique path, and I DO think we are all doing the best we can. When I look around at this coffee shop, from the baristas to the busy business men, to the leisurely moms with their small little dogs, I know that each soul here is trying to navigate this life in a way that makes sense to them. In a way that fits in with the blueprint of their life.

When I think about the debate on if people are doing the best they can from this point of view, I feel lighter. Like physically lighter. Almost like the thought itself, could have either been weighing me down or lifting me up. Maybe that’s what empathy or compassion does? Makes you feel lighter? My soul likes the idea that people are doing the best they can. I think we’ve just all been handed different battles to deal with throughout life. Doesn’t make one battle more “worthy” than another.

Guess all I’m trying to say is, there is no right or wrong way to do life. I do the things that I know to be true to bring me balance and happiness, and I share them, because I want other people to be balanced and happy too. Take it or leave it. But I’m doing the best I can.


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