Manifest? What’s that?

Some would say I manifested it, others would say I worked hard for it. Which begs the question: is there really a difference between the two? Could be a good question to dissect, but before I start to distinguish between manifesting and working hard, I’ll mention WHAT exactly I did manifest and/or work hard for.

If you read my last blog post, (Movement as Healing? Movement IS Healing. )you’d know that I had applied for Julianna Hough’s “instructor search” as she searches for instructors to teach her new form of movement. We don’t know much more about it other than what she’s posted on social media (check her IGTV) and that she’s empowering people to live their lives as their “truest self” through a certain form of MOVEMENT. I was almost positive that she would choose people with already huge followings, YouTube channels, Instafamous, and all that fun stuff, but long story short is, I GOT INVITED TO THE AUDITIONS in LA in June!!! So I’m literally going to be in a room with one of my biggest idols while she teaches us a form of dance and movement!! And then we have to dance for her. I am SO excited!!! And nervous. Mainly because I’ve never really been a dancer before and applied as a YOGA instructor. Either way, I’ll be dancing like the elements (earth, fire, wind, and water) for two days with a selected group of people** who are just as motivated to promote change and express themselves through movement as I am!!! WOOOO!!!

(**when I RSVP’d my attendance I used the chance to ask how many people were invited and they said, “We can’t disclose that information but just know you are amongst a limited number and should be proud:)”) !!

Now I know it’s just an audition, and not really a guaranteed spot working with her, but I am still SO beyond flattered to even be invited to the auditions. Which brings me back to that “manifestation” word I tossed around in the beginning.

I have chosen to give my energy towards movement, personal growth, and healing for the last couple of years. This last year has specifically been designated to teaching movement and *trying* to find the confidence in my own voice. (*Pretty confident, but STILL get nervous teaching to larger groups for sure*) I’ve been making very little money, have had side jobs, and have had to constantly remind myself that it’s okay to be on a path that’s different than climbing the corporate ladder. Sometimes I feel like I have no idea what I’m doing, but other times, I know there is nothing else I’d rather be doing and this path is meant for me. Either way, somehow, some way, I’ve ended up with this cool new opportunity and experience that awaits me.  I don’t know if I’ve necessarily “manifested” it, or if anything will come of it, but I DO know that if I hadn’t been working towards finding the power in my own voice, and honing in on my own body awareness through my practice, I wouldn’t even have this opportunity. I probably wouldn’t have even been confident enough to APPLY for it! Even when I did apply, I still did have a little voice inside my head saying, “ARE YOU EVEN QUALIFIED FOR THIS?!” But I pushed myself to do it anyways.

I think you can call it manifestation or you can call it working hard but regardless of the vernacular you attribute to this process, it’s still just putting your energy towards something that you deem worth while. So what is it that you deem worth while? What do you care about the most? It’s a big question, I know. I think finding THAT is the hardest part for most people. Finding the thing that is most worth their time. It seems so simple to just work towards something that you want. Like DUH, go for what you want. But when it’s not so clear, it’s not as easy. But I promise, the more you trust, the clearer it becomes.

Today I am thankful to be where I am today, and to have the excitement of not knowing exactly where I’ll end up. The possibilities are endless!!!

In the end, it doesn’t matter if this opportunity takes me anywhere. What matters is the experience itself, the people I may meet, and what I learn along the way;)

Damn, I am cheesy.



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