Movement as Healing? Movement IS Healing.

I love the first couple of moments when I start moving. The beginning simple stretches of the day. The ones that naturally follow a good nights sleep. I love the tingling, burning sensations of my muscles when my body is being worked really hard. Knowing that those tingles mean “change”. I love the feeling when my body is absolutely exhausted after a practice, and I just sink into my mat like melted butter. I love how good stillness feels when it’s over, and the peace that it brings inside. The bliss state and happiness created from the inside out. I think that’s the most beautiful part of my practice.

If you couldn’t tell, this post is about movement. But it’s actually going to start with Julianne Hough (I promise there will be a point to this). I’m obsessed with Julianne Hough. I said it.. I admit it!! I’ve never been one to idolize celebrities, and in fact, have probably made fun of people in the past for being obsessed with people who they have never actually met in person. But here I am, bluntly stating that (without meeting her) I think she’s this amazing, talented, passionate, beautiful human with the sexiest husband ever. Hmmm… was that a hint of jealousy? Maybe. But I still love who I’m becoming, no worries 🙂

Anyways, the reason I’m starting this post about Julianne Hough, is because I recently answered a question on an application for her most recent endeavour. She’s creating a digital “community” of people well versed in yoga and mindfulness. I’ve followed her for awhile and she’s always been about spreading the “light”, connecting to your inner highest self, and using MOVEMENT as a vehicle for self expression/healing and so recently, she rolled out this campaign searching for yoga, dance, and mindfulness instructors. Aaaanndddd, (drum roll please)… I ended up applying!!! I had to send in this 1-minute video of me dancing (haha) and teaching a yoga pose/ dance move and answer a few written questions. I’m almost certain that the people chosen will be people with a huge following on Youtube or Instagram or something, but thought I don’t have anything to lose by trying, so I should at least apply!!!

One of the questions we had to answer was, “What do you love about fitness?”….. And I loved this question because honestly, it was kind of hard to answer at first. It made me think about WHY exactly I do love working out. WHY is yoga such an important part of my life? I thought about how I like the way it makes my body look, and how comfortable workout clothing is. I thought about how I think it’s a more effective use of my time than watching TV, and how it’s a good time to disconnect from my phone and technology. I thought about how I loved the energy of people around me in a group class. But those didn’t seem like good enough answers. They didn’t feel like the real reason that I keep coming back for more. After some moments spent pondering what each of my days look like, I determined that the real reason that I love yoga and exercising so much, is because of it’s ability to effect my mind/ mental state. It has this unparalleled ability to help me let go of ANYTHING I have going on in my mind that isn’t necessarily positive. With almost 100% accuracy.

I’ve found that I can tell my mind not to think certain ways, but without physical movement, it means nothing. I can notice my thoughts become negative about WHATEVER (whether that be health, boys, jobs… anything) and tell myself to stop thinking negatively because it’s not benefitting me, but without physically moving, it’s basically BS. Maybe my mind just isn’t strong enough yet, or maybe it’s because the chemicals in my brain that give me happy thoughts are not being produced when I’m just sitting there. Whatever it is, what I DO know to be true, is that movement is my medicine. Movement is healing and is my proven method for curing anything bad in my mind. To get moving, is to move stagnations in my body and mind that keep me stuck. When things are “stuck” in the body, it’s likely that there’s something “stuck” in your mind as well.

It makes a ton of sense that how your body feels on a day to day basis, is entirely reflective of how your mental state is throughout your day, how you treat yourself, and how you treat others. If you’re in pain throughout the day, it’s likely that you’re going to be frustrated or angry, and not necessarily pleasant to yourself and others. MOVING makes your body feel good, and in turn your mind feels good. And WHO wouldn’t want to live a life where they feel good?!

tldr; (too long didn’t read?): Moving makes you feel better!!! 🙂

Short & sweet,

With love,

DB 🙂

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