Finding Stillness in a Chaos Driven World

Ironically, it’s taken me almost 3 weeks to write this. Lol.

Is it possible? To find stillness, when everything is in constant motion? When you’re either traveling from one place to the next, or doing whatever it is that you’re in that place for? When your life is way busier than you ever thought was humanly possible, and this is definitely not what you thought you were signing up for when you graduated college? When your weeks start to fly by quicker than a quesadilla appetizer on a table full of drunk people. When shit figuratively hits the fan, unless you have a baby and it quite literally could hit a fan?

Why is it that sometimes, after getting home from a long day, that sitting on the couch is the best, most satisfying feeling in the world. You practically melt into the couch – the fabric and your skin meshing together to create this couch-human hybrid. Basically a couch that could talk but won’t because it’s too tired from its day. And once you’re down, you’re stuck, blaming it on the couch for swallowing your entire body whole. Well you can blame it on the couch or blame it on the fact that it’s a feeling that we don’t get nearly enough of, so then when we do get it, we indulge like it’s the first sip of water we’ve had in days. It’s this moment of stillness that is hard to find in the culture we’ve created. But it is just like water. This moment is something that our bodies and minds crave and actually need throughout our weeks, in order to function at our highest abilities. It’s taking a step back from the movement that creates constant motion in not only our bodies, but our minds.

I have a couple ways that help me find stillness in my day to day that I thought I’d share, because they have been game changers in my mental awareness and happiness. And I’m just here to help, in any small way I can:)

  1. First and foremost- a meditation practice first thing in the morning. If you can make this a priority, you’ll be making yourself and your happiness a priority. And who in their right mind wouldn’t make their own happiness a priority?! A lot of people, ok. A lot of people don’t make their happiness a priority.
    I usually do 15-20 minutes every morning after I wash my face with cold water. Although this isn’t exactly finding the stillness in the middle of the chaos, it’s still a good practice to start your day with. It’ll prep you for later, when you are in the fire that some people like to call life.
  2. The second, is what I like to call “mini check-ins”. They’re little mini moments throughout the day where I “check-in” with myself, to make sure I’m staying present. Little ah-ha’s! Just in case there was a moment throughout your day that you forgot you’re an incredible breathing, heart beating, blood circulating animal on this beautiful speck of dust floating through space.
    You can be anywhere. In line for the coffee you probably don’t need, in your car driving to your dental appointment that you hate going to, when you’re getting gas and the person next to you won’t stop checking you out, when you’re starving and waiting for food at an overrated restaurant you read about on Instagram,  literally anywhere.
    To do this, I usually just take one long, lung maximizing, breath. One big and full inhalation, and a full exhalation. Just that one breath, brings me back to here, to now, and gives me that moment of stillness that my mind needs. Even if it is short.
  3. Another good tool I learned from a good friend of mine, Mel, is to take a minute, just ONE minute, after you park your car and before you go to wherever it is your going, to sit in silence. Just a ONE MINUTE quick meditation to come back to the present, and remember WHO it is that you want to portray to the world.
    You may find that when you walk into the building you were heading towards, that you feel a little more clear, and confident in who you are. Your communications may become more meaningful and valuable for your day, and you may just start to enjoy each and every moment of your life, instead of letting it slip right through your fingers πŸ™‚


I hope you’ve enjoyed my little tips on finding some stillness throughout your day, and will take a minute to breathe today!

With love,

Dani Butterly πŸ™‚

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