Superflous and Kerbabbled

I think Cindy Lou Hoo had it right with her thoughts on Christmas. In Cindy’s words, “Everyone seems too kerbabbled. Isn’t this just a little superflous?” I don’t know what ‘kerbabbled’ or ‘superflous’ really mean, but somehow, these made up words, seem to perfectly define the holidays the way they’re celebrated these days. Superflous and kerbabbled.

Superflous and kerbabbled is the reason why I’ve only just now… 8 days into the NEW YEAR, have found time to sit down and write this short post. (Not that I hadn’t been journaling my way through the holidays, which was necessary… but to actually write out full sentences instead of the jotted down notes and dreams that seem to make up my journal). It’s taken me over a week to not only find time, but find the INSPIRATION to write.

Holidays: they can be fun and a “joyous” time of the year, but can also end up being very draining. Not only was I averaging about 4 cookies per day and drinking water amounts of wine (hyperbole), both which contributed to operating from a lower vibrational being, but I was also expending my energy into a lot of “keeping up with Jones’s” conversations, which always take it out of me. This constant battle of the EGO. Constantly trying not to compare myself to people who seem like they “have it all together” and constantly trying to remember to come back to the truth of being a human (that we’re all connected and affect one another) in order to treat all people with love. Even when I don’t feel it’s reciprocated.

My energy was going into many other places, rather than being directed into a creative outlet. Which is fine for a little while, I guess, because the rest of the world seems to check out for about two weeks too. It’s fine to take a break, but what I did notice, is that I wasn’t necessarily super happy.  I had moments of happiness, when the wine was flowing, and there were tons of people around me and we were past the “comparing” conversations, but when the nights ended, or it was the morning after and I was bored, I noticed a decent amount of negative thoughts. Self limiting thoughts, low self worth thoughts, ungrateful thoughts… sad Dani coming in hot. “I don’t deserve these gifts” “Why don’t I have a more lucrative job?” “Why don’t I have HUGE yoga classes? “Why don’t I get a million likes on Instagram?” “Why do I think I can write a book?” “Why does anyone care about what I have to say?” “Why don’t I have willpower with these cookies?” Looking back on these thoughts, I know exactly why I was having them, and exactly why I shouldn’t take breaks from my yoga/ meditation/ healthy eating. It’s important for me to have discipline with my yoga practice and teaching. But I do think it was also important for me to see what happens when I don’t keep up with it. I noticed the effects, and that’s the first step. It’s hard work to remain happy, inspired, fit, high vibration, and… ALLLL THAT GOOD STUFF!! Well, at least for some. I don’t know, maybe some people have it easier. No judgements though.

All in all, I think I’ve always kind of identified with Cindy Lou Hoo. We both have blonde hair (although hers is WAY cooler), and we both think the holidays are a little superflous and kerbabbled.

My next post will be about how I SIGNED WITH A LITERARY AGENT!!!!.. and what that even means! Stay tuned!!


DB 🙂



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